Redragon Impact M908 Review

Redragon Impact M908

Many gamers are familiar with specialized mice targeting Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, known as MMO mice. These mice contain many customizable macro keys, usually laid out as a number pad on the left side of the mouse, where the thumb naturally rests. While some MMO mice on the market can retail for around $80, the Redragon Impact M908 can be purchased for $36.99 on Amazon. But how does this mouse hold up?

Adjustable weights in the Redragon Impact M908
Adjustable weights in the Redragon Impact M908

The Redragon Impact M908 is a solid MMO mouse that is ready to go right out of the box! The Redragon Impact software allows for all of the buttons on the mouse to be customized, even the left and right-click buttons. The M908 includes 12 macro buttons on the left side, where the gamer’s thumb naturally rests. A rapid fire button is located to the upper left of the left-click button, which by default sends three left-clicks in quick succession, great for precision “burst shots” in a First Person Shooter (FPS) game. The two buttons in the middle allow the user to easily switch between the various stored DPI settings. And finally, the button on the underside of the mouse allows the user to switch between stored profiles.

The Profiles

Redragon Impact User Interface
Redragon Impact User Interface

A neat feature of the Redragon Impact M908 is the use of multiple profiles, or modes. Modes allow for different mouse configurations to be stored, which can easily be switched with the mode select button on the underside of the mouse without opening the software. Different modes can be created for different games or applications, I recommend also having a general use mode for day-to-day use. For example, my day-to-day mode includes macros for browser-back and browser-forward, copy/paste macros, and search macros. Custom macros can also be created, and could be used to control programs such as Photoshop, and easily switch between tools and features.

I have two main profiles for gaming. One is used for MMOs, specifically World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV Online. With this profile, I have the macro keys set to use specific spells on the hotbar that are a hard reach on the keyboard (everything from 5 to +). I also have macros to cycle through friendly targets for healing, and a separate button to cycle through enemy targets.

My other profile is mainly used in Overwatch, but also gets used in several other FPS games. This includes macros that can be used for emotes, in-game PTT for team chat, and weapon toggles. Both profiles contain a macro key for PTT within Discord.


Adjustable DPI Settings for each profile
Adjustable DPI Settings for each profile

Each profile can contain 5 DPI settings, easily toggled between with the two buttons at the center of the mouse. This is really nice, as DPI can be easily switched within a game, without changing profiles to a profile that might not be tuned for the specific game being played. The levels for each DPI setting can be adjusted in the software, so ticking the DPI up or down could make fine tuned adjustments, or more significant steps.

The Aesthetic

Customizable  RGB colors for the Redragon Impact M908
Customizable  RGB colors for the Redragon Impact M908

The RGB lighting on the mouse can be configured in various different ways. The mouse can display a solid color, can cycle through the RGB spectrum, can blink, be set into a “breathing” mode, etc. Since many computer components are including RGB lighting, this can be used to help the mouse meet the current aesthetic of the user’s overall setup.


For an entry level MMO mouse, the Redragon Impact M908 really is a great option. This mouse provides many great features, has an affordable price point, and the software interface is fairly easy to use. I use this mouse personally and have had no complaints, and no desire to immediately switch to anything else. It’s definitely worth checking out, the mouse can be found on Amazon or the Redragon online store.

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