Website Portfolio

A compilation of websites that I have built for clients. Click the images to be taken to the production sites.

Phoenix Security Labs

Phoenix Security Labs. Website for a cyber security business. WordPress backend, Sydney theme with custom CSS and custom scripts.

CyberDefense.Dev Website for research projects relating to cyber security. Joomla backend. Custom css and custom PHP scripts.

Media Fulfillment

Single-page website for a fulfillment company.

The Forsaken Mage

Blog website dedicated to gaming news and information

Demo: Search and Rescue

Demo Site for a Search and Rescue organization. Using a Joomla backend with custom CSS and overrides.


Minimal niche-interest blog. WordPress backend. Custom CSS.

WoW Realm Status

Custom PHP page using a MySQL database and APIs to gather and display data about various servers of a popular online game. Clicking the individual server name provides more detailed information about the server.